Sunday, October 26, 2008

Brother Ali & M.anifest - Paling Around with Lyricists

Peace to all the joe the rappers out there! jane the rappers too!

Brother Ali and I were judges at a battle of the bands show this past Saturday at Macalester College - on some random randy and simon american idol type shit. He did a set after the bands went on. we chopped it up bout some things: from our future collab, to obama to the Gil Scott heron joint - we almost lost detriot - (see common's "the people" and Black Stars "Brown Skin Lady") the man knows his breaks. I have an exclusive clip of Ali doing a song called "Good Lord" i believe. its at the end.

shouts to BK-One and Vince.

Brother Ali & M.anifest - Paling Around with Lyricists from M.anifest on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

economy got jokes

i received this recession inspired text msg:

"Obama was on CNN news this morning. he said the economy is so bad he saw 3 africans swimming back to africa. so i jus wanna check on u. did u make it?"


Getting our grub on in a cuban joint before chicago world music festival show. Sept '08. Feat. Kemi, Krukid, Baay Musa

Halfrican from M.anifest on Vimeo.