Monday, April 12, 2010

That New New!

In case you missed this.... Here ya go! A.R.M. (Budo, Krukid, & yours truly) featuring Slug. thank me later :). Download below.

A.R.M. feat. Slug - Fear of the Mundane(Dirty)
A.R.M. feat. Slug - Fear of the Mundane(Clean)

Off A.R.M.'s upcoming "Two Africans and a Jew" EP. Big up to Slug for such a good look and going in on that verse eh! spread the word and link up with A.R.M. on facebook. And oh yeah *drum rolls*, we'll be performing at Soundset 2010!

"Two Africans and a Jew" is dropping (do people still use this term? :)) late April/Early May. I'm geeked (squad) for this. Listening to the mastered version of the record right about now. mmmm...

peace peace

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kiss and tell...

...or in this case, "live and tell." this one's a quickie.

Infancy: run wild, run free
Adolescence: rebel for no reason. lose things you can't get back (virginity?), enjoy thinking u know better than your parents and other adults. hubris
20's: time to make a lot of really bad decisions and a few good ones :)
Thats all

life begins at 40. can't wait. i take that back. i can really wait. no rush. you're welcome to share your abbreviated version of what you now know to be the cycle of life.
m diggy

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

See the picture, name the rapper

when i travel i usually muse on a little creative project for myself. usually don't do nathin about it. thanks to my blackberry bold, that has changed. here's my little picture and rapper name/rapper lyrics association from a recent trip. i have other photos but hey....
so here goes

"Couldn't afford a car so she named her daughter Alexus..." - Yeezy

Fatima, what did the young man say, before he stole you away..." - K'naan

Quite Obvious

14KT - Producer

Sorry Kanye. Jesus walks, but some people on Jamaica Ave in Queens have strong opinions on the popular image of Jesus

btw do you have sankofa? cop it from itunes and support yours truly. M.anifest - Sankofa (my History) stank you very much.