Monday, July 26, 2010

Civilization is a weird place

Civilization is a weird place chale. somewhere in between the plenty gadgets, the rules, the news, and the blues, our humanity is missing and misplaced. still i'm tickled by it.

This evening i saw a white collar fella in his white collar dress clothes wearing a screwface, walking on a side walk, and picking every piece of trash he saw. he either is selling a house on the block (property value?), has a chip on his shoulder, or has a compulsive need to manual street sweep at the end of his work day at whatever office downtown. Could be one of the above or i'm just a presumptuous idiot.

Civilization is a weird place chale. Where else can lebron james making a luxurious decision of which city and NBA team to pay him the most and satisfy his career be more important than the gross injustice of the verdict in the cop that shot and killed Oscar Grant in the back?

Civilization is a weird place chale. there's a curtain of illusion that makes us think talent and a meritocracy is what runs things. nope suh. It's always politics and bullshit. it does off course pay to be a pleasant person because people tend to like that even in the cut-throat and nepotism riddled world of politics and music.

civilization is a weird place. fashions that come and go. Twitter's 140 characters runs the information world. crabs in a bucket and the rat race being civilly called "competition" or the workings of the free market if you want to get sophisticated.

civilization is such a weird place i think i have to keep reminding folks of what i have in my discography thus far to keep the $ support going. so here goes. shamwless plugs is a part of the weird civilization. so allow me:
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Stay Human,
M dododotidoh

Monday, July 5, 2010

Black Stars Ayekoo! More Than Just Sport

First things first: Black Stars Ayekooooooo! It was a great run. pride oozing from every pore of my africa-man-original body. Ghana's looking real good on the stock market and in the hearts of many right now. Every Black Stars victory had every African beaming... yes we came from Africa

second things second. I'm slowly nursing the heartache of losing on penalties to Uruguay in the World Cup quarter finals. I haven't been this salty about a sports loss since Senegal 92. Back then 'twas the African cup of nations when Ghana's best player ever (forever ever *Andre 3stacks voice), Abedi Ayew, couldn't play the final cause the ref in the semis showed him a yellow card for dissent. guess what chale? we lost that one too on friggin penalties! as fate would have it, 18 years later his son Andre Ayew, who had an amazing tournament, also missed this decisive game cause of yellow card fckery. ebei! History needs to stop repeating itself already. i'm not even going to talk about Suarez and his goaltending madness. It'll make my blood do all sorts of volcano larva boiling.

You see chale, it's more than just sports. The hullabaloo about winning or losing is rooted in many things. it's everything from national pride to faux nationalism, to continent and kinship, to diaspora love (i love how my Caribbean peoples and others were supporting the black stars), to finding joy in a life rife with struggles, etc. Personally, been having it rough for a week and some change so i know a victory would've been more than a good look for my spirit chale. It can be as much an escape as it can be motivational. some people probably know more details about the world cup than any of the world wars. bet.

Back to life, back to reality now. Get vuvzela blackstars mp3 for free download, featuring yours truly, and celebrate the team with the best dance moves. gone but not forgotten. Black Stars, y3 ma mo Ayekoo!