Thursday, March 26, 2009

Free M. Song + Sebmaestria's Legendary Remixes free album!

Download M.anifest - Who ft. Guiguipop

okay, i'm still on my international grizzly. Producer comrade of mine, Sebmaestria - produced two songs off "manifestations" and has done work with "arrested development's" speech - just dropped a mixtape of remixes to some classic songs. mos def, kweli, pharcyde, biggie, etc. Seb is nice with his and we have a statsh of songs in the archives. Download the Mixtape here. enjoy!

m diggy dot

Guiguipop dropping sixteens on "who" track

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chester French & M.anifest chop it up on tour bus

Attended the Lady Gaga & Chester French concert. Afterwards, D.A & Max (Chester French) benevolently played us a bunch of dope tracks off their mixtape that will precede their major label (interscope/ star trak) debut. A lot of surprise guests on that mixtape. Pharrell signed them and they certainly deserve the shine. i appreciate the honesty, creativity, and dopness they bring with their music. look out for them soon. good times.

Chester French & M.anifest on tour bus from M.anifest on Vimeo.

PS: and oh, i added an intriguing convo we had to the video. funny stuff about costumes and endrogeny. Shout out to Prince!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sold out. Rhymesayers artist meets artist show

one day somewhere in twin cities history...this day will be remembered.

Sold Out! Rhymesayers Artist meets Artist Show from M.anifest on Vimeo.

Here's a summary of my thoughts.

- Twas a dope night. packed to capacity
- Rhymesayers has an insane loyal following - beautiful thing
- Plain ole bill and Jimmy 2times did a nice DJ set that was biggie infested. very appropriate for the night - March 9th seen
- Toki and Slim came out swinging
- Muja Messiah and I came on stage to Curtis Mayfield's "we the people darker than blue"
- crowd response was great. Muja's that dude. big up chale
- but just as an artist that's hard on myself i'd say there were a few moment our energy wasnt quite parallel to the audiences. but only a few short moments. good otherwise
- Slug and Ali with Ant on the wheels was very well done. Smooth. Crowd loved it.
- All six emcees gathered on stage at the end for a short but savory cipher much to the crowds delight
- Homey that did the sound check is a beast. Rhymesayers Cat...trying to remember his name. vocals were clear all night. Shout out to EMS too
- was good to see I Self Devine afterwards. Big O.G respect
Shouts to Dj Fundamentalist! what's good turtleneck

Thank you and good night. well not quite.

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