Thursday, February 5, 2009

the creative process...sometimes

how do we create? no formula. just saw this vid on my hardrive from a late saturday night in '08. Baraka, Nisreen, and myself negotiate the arrangement of a very simple hoook...i shd put this song out for free no? fatigued and croaky voices..but the soul while be in there somewhere on the actual record. o-d on the beats!
sincerely yours
m diggy dot

the creative process...sometimes from M.anifest on Vimeo.


Papa Baffour-Awuah said...

Charle me too I want to create some! lol. Good stuff guys. Very ummmm, creative lol. For real though, keep the good music flowing.

Z said...

uhhh i'm afraid i look and sound craaazaaay! :P

M.anifest said...

why's your blogger name Z? what's the science mami?

Z said...

from my middle name! zzzzzzzzz :P