Thursday, December 3, 2009

monkey see monkey do

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but damn originality should count for much more, no? asked me to participate in something that had me retrospecting with amusement on the many "hot" trends that came and disappeared quicker than vanilla ice's career. remember crunk? remember hyphy? remember the sped-up chip-munk soul sound? remember rims? platinum jewelry? autotune is damn near on its deathbed. the featuring-lil-wayne trend is still booming thanks to dwyane's prolific output and intriguing personality.

the irony in all of it is that, a lot of these trends are intrinsically original, and the locals/natives that organically came up with it deserve mucho kudos. But immediately an idea gets a glimpse of the spotlight and catches fire, a zillion imitators and another zillion so-called devout followers emerge out of the blue. monkey see monkey do.

i can't wait till the "get-an-african-doing-tribal-raps-on-your-tracks" becomes the in-thing. we'll milk that cow for every penny the short-sighted music business folks will offer. amen.

sincererly yours,

africa-man-original - mr tribal raps


allison adrian said...

Thanks for your music and your blog.
I'm helping coordinate local music to accompany an upcoming large-scale exhibition by local artist Wing Huie -- we'd love to "get-an-african-doing-tribal-raps" for the exhibition. Would you be willing to contribute? Please see below.


The Language of Urbanism: A Six-Mile Photographic Inquiry

Acclaimed photographer Wing Young Huie wants your music to be part of the soundtrack for his upcoming large-scale public exhibition on University Avenue. His previous Lake Street USA exhibition in 2000 was enormously successful.

From May to October 2010 there will be a free, public projection installation on billboard-sized screens of hundreds of photographs that reveal the everyday lives of citizens who live, work, play, and go to school in the neighborhoods connected by University Avenue in St. Paul.

Accompanying the projected images will be prerecorded music by local musicians from an array of genres and cultures. Take a look at our preview website and imagine which of your songs would add layers of meanings to this community project.

Send CDs or URLs of your music. A 16 x 20 inch photograph of your choice from the exhibit will be given to those whose music is picked to be a part of the exhibit.

Please submit your music by February 15.
For more info please contact Wing.

Wing Young Huie Photography & Gallery
2525 East Franklin Avenue, Suite 100
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406

M.anifest said...

definitely. i responded to your email.delightful comment! ha