Tuesday, May 4, 2010

struggles, faults & promise; all in one man

i struggle with a lot. i have too many faults to count. i try not to make too many promises. their too hard to keep. i have too many friends, i'm not sure i need anymore. even though i'm learning to keep that friendship circle smaller cause there are too many parasites and plenty opportunists waiting to sodomize my dreams for their own short term benefits.

i shouldn't throw fits. but sometimes i probably do. my fault. or perhaps just a struggle i need to keep, to keep the balance. i'm probably a dope strategist but not always a great judge of character. i can't swim. i love to win. i got a secret stash of that M.J competitiveness. the one that showed up at his NBA hall of fame speech - google that incredulous event. it's one of those necessary faults though. just can't take it to the podium like his royal airness.

i have thick skin. i have thin skin too. which skin shows up when? can't promise. i'm a scorpio, so do the math. i've seen funny-style reviews of my art that don't affect me none at all. i think too highly of myself maybe. on the other hand, i've heard slick sh*t said behind my back by supposed-to-be friends that irks the hell out of me. why should i care? i dunno why i do. i might end up learning to do the same from them. Jah Forbid!

with all my many faults, and my struggles to rid my life off the absolute drama it is sometimes, i've promised myself to remember to tell u guys where you can purchase and support the music and movements i'm making. i'm like public radio, currently membership driven. so here goes...

1. Tomorrow Wed May 5th at the Guthrie theater, Minneapolis, at 7:30pm. i have a show! it's a big one. come thru! get tickets here or at discounted rates at fifth element
2.Tuesday May 11th (next week), the long awaited "Two Africans and a Jew" EP Debut from the phenom of a group known as A.R.M that i'm a part of. Pre-order it here
3. Did you already get "sankofa" from itunes? released this year. Get it!
4. My first album was called "manifestations." buy it on itunes or a physical copy.

thank you and goodnight.

mr struggles-faults-and-promises


Ms. Cleland said...

Aww Amet. I hope shit works out. It's hard to ignore what people say. Don't we just love to be loved? The trick is in finding a balance, methinks. Listen, but not so much you start acting less like you and more like who you think they'd prefer you to be.Be true to yourself.Find your own voice, live with your heart and your head and keep your conscience alive.

And...you know what? Make a few promises and keep them. There's something about that that builds character. Y'know...doing what you say you will...

M.anifest said...

wise words spoken esi. with friends like you who needs oprah :)