Monday, February 1, 2010

oldies but goodies... free 99

What up Tho (Ode to Dilla) - Download
Silence is golden ('05) - Download

The first is a Bonus Track only on the Europe/Japan re-release (Jakarta/Groove Attack) of my '07 debut "manifestations." produced by eyecue, another dope twin cities talent. The second is the first track i ever put on myspace! recorded circa late '05. Over a Dilla track ironically, that was officially used by Raekwon 4 years after for his ODB tribute. We had er... unofficial access to those amazing Dilla beat tapes. whew. They were quite the CPR for a dying inspiration.

just sharing some of my past forays with the music. sankofa. Thoughts? holleration

cover of Europe/Japan re-release (Jakarta/Groove Attack) of "manifestations."

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