Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random Note on Avatar

Disclaimer/Movie-spoiler-alert: If you haven't seen the movie and intend to see it, stop reading this right now. anyways. some questions need asking, some answers need questioning, and some movies are good but there's a trend here. Dances with wolves? The last samurai? erm...

This white messiah complex needs to kill itself already. I mean if the natives (indigenous people, or whatever synonyms u want to use) are so advanced and connected to nature, can't we just find the messiah in their midst? The great white hope slash great white Jesus must be such a compelling idea for it to keep recurring in movies. A story about marginalized peoples redemption is not complete, it seems, without that messiah-like outsider.

anyways, i enjoyed the flick otherwise. :). first time i saw a movie in imax. I Know i'm behind the times, but hey, there's always a first time.

Okay that's all.



Juqu said...

I totally agree with you but with the release of the book of eli i am beginning to think not just the white messiah but also "the american messiah' even though i am no radical sometimes that "american know it all mentality" is very funny.

Fanboy said...

I totally agree. I found it hard to swallow and now it's gettin nominated for an oscar. pocahontas in space...that's what it was

M.anifest said...

pocahantas in space. haha. that's funny