Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A.R.M, Soundset, the Grind, and the Sun Set

we came, we saw, we soundset, sun up to sunset. 17,000 or so people in the same location is what we call nuts. Hip-Hop festivals for the win. we give thanks that i could be on that stage with Budo and Krukid as A.R.M. (African Rebel Movement). Second time i played Soundset and it only gets bigger by the year.

lemme just say, for those who don't realize this here is a vocation, it's certainly a full time job performing, helping to sell your own merch, shake hands with the generous fans, sign tees, caps, posters, cds, vinyl and answer random questions. i love it though. i'll shut up and let the flicks speak.

kruk and i. Budo on guitars and horns (and mic) in the back left.

Muja Messiah and Dodi Phy come on for "refuse to lose," posse cut off "2 africans and a jew" album.

Shouts to Susan Campion and those cool and talented students from HSRA school: such support makes it twice as nice to enjoy the vocation.

last but not least, A.R.M tent and tees.

Potholesinblog.com recently re-posted this circa '06 recordings between me and wicked dope Belgian producers 40 Winks. download and enjoy. it''ll shed some light on the evolution of my voice.

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