Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brighter than Sunshine...vote already :)

before you read this, just go underneath the video and click VOTE. thanks.

now that that's out of the way...long time no blog. i'm in leavensworth Washington. A bavarian style village with some pretty mountains and thangs behind it. why? more on that next post. but urgently though, i need you to Vote for my friend Budo and i. we were invited to submit a remix of Aqualung's "brighter than sunshine" to Alternative Apparel's contest and we did. and folks are loving it. but it's a contest. we need to get an incredible number of votes to stay in 1st place. spread the word to ya friends on twitter, facebook and their a-alikes. let's get it!


Ms. Cleland said...

Oh yay! Voted. Tell us how it goes.

M.anifest said...

Esi, medase oooooh! will do. i've been reflecting on my university primary education of late. more on that later too chale...