Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To all my friends that ever lost their minds…

To all my friends that ever lost their minds…
Only to find it was a good thing to lose
Cause in the mind is where fear dwells
And a life of fear, is a life that might as well be hell
might appear fear is a basic instinct
Not something you hear, but something u see in a baby for instance
For some, fear is a driver. And they’re passengers going the distance
Seatbelt strapped in so tight it’s hard to put up a resistance
Does a market for fear exist?
perhaps I should check with ebay and craigslist.
fear is on my shitlist for all the times I was scared shitless
so I try to leave my fears behind, or give some to the devil for Christmas.
he deserves it.
when fear grips me and my tears are ‘bout to well up
I remember “fear is a darkroom where negatives develop”
At least that’s what some old bloke wrote
Seems like a remarkable quote.
All good things must come to an end? true indeed tho'
So is this prose about to end? I’m afraid so.

M.anifest - Been crazy before ft. I Self Devine & Checkmate (prod O-D) by manifestive

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