Friday, September 10, 2010

Celebrating "Manifestations" - 8.99 (shipping included) sale!

To celebrate the 3-year anniversary of "manifestations," I've put it on sale for only $8.99 (shipping included!) for the next week. There are only a few copies of the original pressing left. Buy a copy for yourself, for a friend and family member! This album was awarded top 5 albums of the year by the Star Tribune, and top 10 albums by the City Pages. Re-released in Europe by Jakarta Records/Groove Attack. Get yours! Much respect to all of you who copped the record and helped to put me in a position where i am now as a full time artist. spread the word! I've written a short reflection piece below.

Sept 11 2007 i shared "manifestations," my first musical child, with the world. It was an act of faith. no record label backing, going the independent route, balancing time i didn't have (i had a full time job with a non-profit at the same time), and having to let go of artistic anxieties of this not being good enough. I remember days upon days agonizing with my friend and manager Ashanti about how we were going to find money to press CD's and do all the printing and promo stuff. Writing and recording the music was the "easy" part. Then out of the blue i worked on a pepsi jingle through Asche and Spencer which ended up being chosen by pepsi to be used for radio ads and as their theme music on their website! God sent i tell you. Finally some mullah landed into my lap, and i could do for myself what many of my peers were waiting for a record label to do for them.

3 years later i can only give thanks that folks all around the world not only liked the record, but actually were generous enough to buy it! 3 years later i'm now a full time artist. 3 years later i've been able to tour many cities in America, played incredible shows and big festivals in Europe, had some amazing critical reviews, met some amazing fans/kinfolk and accidentally made some more good music along the way. There are so many to thank for manifestations which in all honesty was a group effort from me and my 4shades crew.

Much respect to all the amazing producers i worked with: O-d, G Mo, Katrah-Quey, Sebmaestria, B-Live, Dela (Dee), M.A, Coptic. Much respect to the artists who contributed their vocal talents to the record: Desdamona, Checkmate, Wanlov the Kubolor, Evil Twin, Mandi, Nisreen. To Mahdee Abdullah for the hilarious skits. To Ashanti for helping to make it happen and bearing with my stubborn self. And of course for the scratches on "Street Symphony" u were never credited for! haha. To roli, for being the critical ear. To Joe Mabbott for mastering the record. To Jonah for the artwork - good lookin! To Mikal for the link to Jonah. To Biq Quarters, I Self Devine, Maria Isa for playing the Cd release party. To Paul Yutaka for doing the website and all sorts of random stuff i needed - much appreciated. And to all of you who bought the records, burnt copy, or sent a link to somebody, or ever gave me critiques and/or words of encouragement. Much love
M dododotidoh

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