Thursday, November 12, 2009

Artistic Panic and Insecurities Plus "Cold Feet" Mp3 (Miike Snow re-fix)

"Cold Feet" mp3 - Download Here.

This was inspired by a moment of panic i had 2 weeks before the release of "the Birds and the Beats" which will be out for free Nov 20th. Truthfully it's hard to ever feel like a project is finished or great enough. that's how come some of your favorite musicians take forever to put out music. artistic insecurities are real...and necessary if you ask me. I've accepted it to be a great safeguard against mediocrity and complacency.

On the song itself and its origins:
I've enjoyed the Miike Snow record alot ever since Budo put me onto it. check em out. I looped parts of the last track, "faker," on their self-titled record and committed another sacriligious act of looping.ha. its not going to be on any project, but i liberated it cause u my facebook sistren and bredren asked me to :). hope you enjoy it for what its worth. let me know your thoughts

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