Friday, November 6, 2009

G Mo Vs. Boon Doc Beat Battle (Red Bull Big Tune)

Both these producers are dope in my opinion, and i suspect are fans of each other. i came across a message board with fascinating commentary and a few sycophants disparaging one of the producers cause they were obviously fans/msg board homies with the other. hilarity. i'll say more on what i think under the vid. but peep the extra round below. G Mo plays a beat that i've had a song to for a while now. called "my life is a motion picture." Producer battles >>>>>>> rap battles.

first off. i think all the producers were prolly dope and deserve credit for making it there. props. Second, beat battles are not a reflection of how dope a producer is, but how dope of a "battle beat" they can create. granted you have to be past a certain level of dope to make a dope beat period. but beat battles have an uncanny semblance to rap battles in that what works in a battle, and @ that moment, is not necessarily timeless material or stuff that can soulfully move the masses of people

did folks see the faces of Jake one and vitamin when the beats were played? yeah. point exactly.

G Mo is a phenom. 17years old and definitely top percentile of producers. bet. he produced a third of my first record when he was 14 and i was in awe then. he gets better too. on monday, i'll release a song with a beat i think he had in the stash for the battle but didn't get a chance to play. Boon doc is dope. definitely checking to see what he does in the future.

A toast to good music. And Red Bull Big Tune for putting the musicians in the limelight. congrats to Frank Dukes, the eventual winner.

i'm no expert. so i'll shut up already.

peace peace
m diggy dot

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Anonymous said...

Didn't know you had this on here... I watched these vids a while back because I am a huge, huge Boon Doc fan. I agree, battles do not accurately show who's the better producer because none of what Boon Doc showcased comes close to what I consider to be his greatest works. That kid GMO is something else too though!