Sunday, November 29, 2009

Baggage claim...

just got back to the twin cities last night. found out Northwest merged (or perhaps ate up) Delta airlines - gotta love capitalism. they lost my bags in transit off course and i was mucho peeved. bad enough i had to transit through Chicago to get to mpls for what should have been a very short direct flight. gotta love capitalism: cutting costs triumphs over convenience.

being the writer i am though, i woke up with a two word motif hanging over my heard - comic strip style. all i could think of was "baggage claim" x20. makes for a good metaphor for a song. out of misfortune come good songs. who woulda thunk.

and oh, here's the immem stream for "the birds and the beats." you can always post it up on your blog if it tickles ya fancy.

peace peace
m diggy dot

Ps: on the picture above: huh? Louis vitton? or Ghana-Must-go?

The Birds And The Beats

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