Monday, November 30, 2009

M3nsa = mad nice...get familiar with his music

M3nsa - Suicide in the Disco (Download
M3nsa - Gently Smile(Download)

M3nsa is one of the most talented people i know period. i've seen him work, heard his work, and the brother got work! he raps, he sings -i mean realllly sings good (no autotune or any other digital crutches)- and he also produces some really cutting edge stuff. he produced both tracks i put up above.

Lately ive been been feeling the ghanaian diaspora is having a resurgence, a really powerful musical renaissance with some real powerful artists and personalities: what up kubolor, what up sena, what up sway, what up blitz. M3nsa defintely is a big part of it. he's been a bonafide muscian since we were all in high school; producing, rapping, and singing hit records for regggie rockstone wayy before most of us ever recorded a single joint. if there was a high school yearbook of my ghanaian musicians peers, he'd have had most likely to succeed under his picture.

but off course with mucho talent comes lots of pressure and the burden of perfectionism. so its been a long time coming for my brother to put out his brilliant music. but don't fret, finally he's got 2 or 3 records in the bag just about ready to be let out. i'll keep you posted.

peace peace
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FYI the links are down. fix up! :)

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The first time I heard him was when he did that track with V.I.P. Still remember that famous line...'' rapi tise anyin''...''...i rap like a wizard''. Shame he isnt as established as we would want him to be. Have you heard his track with kubolo ''Broken Language''? Mind-blowingly good stuff.