Wednesday, January 13, 2010

fear of the mundane...

who works harder than a kayayo (pic below)?

End of '09 i put up a Facebook status: "been a year of extreme highs and extreme lows. still grateful. still hopeful. still terrified of living an 'ordinary' life." Really meant that. I realize it could have been easily misconstrued as perhaps me looking down on the hardworking 9to5ers (more like 8to6ers) amongst us. NOT so. I was working a 9 to 5 and simultaneously working on music full time for four straight years! A task and a half i tell you. so i can appreciate the working man's hustle.

But at what point do we make a choice between a vocation and working to survive? The merits of Adjuma (hard)work are undeniable; whether you have investment banker hours or do the graveyard shift reluctantly. Whatever our reason(s) no one can knock us. but awareness, intentionality, and choice are perhaps what advance us from being zombies to self-determining individuals. Hardwork is not an option or variable. its a constant. see Wayne's "the carter" documentary

Like all other years, I have every intention of making a living this year, not being homeless, and affording some of the luxuries of modernity: internet, blackberry, the occcasional movie theatre visit. But this will be the year i try to fully control my destiny more intentionally. I'm creating music, workshops (solo and with other collaborators), booking performances, panel discussions, speaking engagements, amongst other moves that exercise my talents and are hopefully gainful as well. Yup. Making sure i let inspiration meet my vocation(s) at ever single point in time. Good luck to me. it's a struggle. I'm bracing myself. Geeked though.

Best to you and yours in your works and vocation(s) this year.

There's an A.R.M.(my group with Krukid & Budo) song called "Fear of the Mundane." off our "Two Africans and a Jew" EP which will soon be near completion

Best hopes, thoughts and prayers to the kinfolk in Haiti. Wyclef (follow him on twitter) is doing an admirable job raising funds and visibility for relief. Let's be motivated by our humanity and how historic Haiti is for the Diaspora.

Bonus: Adjuma video by ultra-talented M3nsa.


Matthew said...

very good, sir.

Esta said...

Congratulations on following your path no matter how many hrs of work x2 you had and have to put in. Birdsandthebeats is on my classics shelf.

Susan said...

LOVE this. I will print it out and read it every day to remind MYSELF of my choices and my commitment to my passions. Honored to be one of your collaborators. (Thinking positively, of course!)

TGCMM said...

In a world packed with zombies, few do the walking!


Props to your work.
Keep a-do you.