Friday, January 8, 2010

How to Book M.anifest in 2010: An Easy Guide

Being that I'm all over the internet informally, folks are often confused about how to get business done with me: i.e. how to book me for shows at your university, night club, conferences, workshops, speaking engagements, etc., or to do interviews for your magazine, website, etc.

For all intents and purpose you can use or call 612-208-2033 (Contact:Ashanti Abdullah) for all your inquiries. But below are specific and alternate email addresses to make sure you can reach me and my management so we can get work done. Feel free to share with friends and business colleagues who might be interested.

Book M.anifest for Shows: or

Media Inquiries (Interviews): or

Other Inquiries:

You are also welcome to book A.R.M. - my amazing group with Krukid and Budo - using these channels. Looking forward to coming to your city, town and what have you in 2010! Let's make it happen.

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