Tuesday, March 9, 2010

M. March Madness... Updates! Updates!

Almost a quarter way through 2010. Time indeed waits for no man, woman and everything in-between. This year's main goal: not to sabotage myself by feeling crippled by the rapidly lengthening to-do-lists i have. but so far so good...knock on wood.

Friday Mar 5th: we had the show with Bamboo, Krukid and I.B.E in Minneapolis. went very well! energy was high! one thing for sure and two things for certain: there were lots of energetic and pretty black, brown, white, African, and all other colors and tribes of peoples. i like how these shows are turning out to be the United nations of Music. next time tho', bigger venue and it should be sold out! bet.

Didn't sleep till 5am that morning. Around 10:30am on Saturday my manager Ashanti calls me up; he was on orange alert for our 4 hr drive to Moorhead, bordering Fargo North Dakota. He gave me a hilarious lecture on how I'm always on African Time and then turns out he was the one on CPT. ha. We got to Concordia College without incident. Have to say they had a very warm group of volunteers and organizers for the event. The panel discussion was very interesting. Hip-Hop has so many different perspectives it could be refreshing or frightening. All depends. Shoutouts to Shin B, Ernest Rhodes, Kipp, and the other folks on the panel.

Suffice it to say, i enjoyed the hell out of the show. The students/crowd were dancing outta control and it didn't matter that the arena wasn't packed. the folks there filled the whole space with their energy. they were vocal and put their bodies into it. that's how it's supposed to be done. Concordia College students at the show - i salute you! anybody got pictures?

Meanwhile On Friday, A.R.M. (the supergroup made up of myself, Krukid and superproducer Budo), released the first single of our "Two Africans and a Jew" EP featuring Slug of Atmosphere (Rhymesayers)! The song is available on itunes here. Get it! Slug and Brother Ali especially have both been so helpful and the amount of gratitude we have is alot. Shoutouts also to DJ Hyphen who premiered the song on Seattle's Kube 93 two sundays ago.

Happy belated Independence day, March 6th, to my homeland Ghana! First African country south of the sahara to re-gain independence. Nkrumah FTW.

I'll be in New York for a post-independence Show on saturday March 20th together with Kwabena Kwabena. Shoutouts to Rych Entertainment!

To all friends and family who i haven't returned emails or VM's in timely fashion. forgive me and bear with me. i'm trying to get better at it. we'll talk soon.

I'll shut up already :). later is greater. link up on facebook.
sincerely yours,
M.anifest / m diggy dot/ M dododotido