Thursday, March 18, 2010

Richy Pitch, BBE, New York, Toki Wright & etc...

Imagine an album featuring an all-star Ghanaian cast: Reggie Rockstone, Samini, M.anifest (me? :)), M3NSA, Wanlov the Kubolor, Yasmeen, Sena, AB, DJ Black and Kwesi Dankwa = Pure Awesomeness! Well that album is indeed on it's way June 7th! Courtesy Richy Pitch (London), Producer/DJ/& Soon to be published Author of a book on beatmaking. His Album, "Y3 fr3 me Richy" featuring all the names above will be released on the famed label BBE on June 7th. BBE has put out albums by the great Jay Dee a.k.a Dilla (Welcome to Detroit), Dj Jazzy Jeff,, and more. Great Discography.

.....and *drum rolls* I'm featured on the first single! The video (which is animated) of the single, "Black Star" will be out in April. Both the song and the video reach for some dope creative styles and i think yall will dig it. I'm also on another song on Richy's album: with M3nsa and Wanlov the Kubolor - quite a collab eh. Richy's discography includes production for the likes of J-Live, Mr Complex, and Asheru. Anyways, much kudos to Richy Pitch. He put in a lot of work whiles living in Ghana the past 2 years to produce this pure awesome record. A good look for Ghana, a good look for music in my opinion.

I arrived in New York Last night. here to do a 15 minute set at a Ghana @ 53 independence celebration show this Saturday March 20th. Click here for details of the show. Shout out to Rych Ent who made my appearance happen. New York is a fascinating place every time i visit. still i had my mouth open at one of the first things i saw in the city... a car aflame in the middle of manhattan! of course i took a pic

When i return i'll be playing the homey Toki Wright's "BlackMale" EP (Rhymesayers/SoulTools) release at 7th street Entry on Saturday March 26th! it's going to be a funky good time i tell you. Get advance tickets here and invite all your facebook friends here.

till next time. be beautiful in thoughts and spoil yourself with fun times! Don't be too cool to wild out sometimes. spring!