Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thinking Man's Muse

I'm a thinking man. I can't help it... fortunately. I think at noon, night, dusk, dawn, and times in-between. I think when i eat; how delicious or salty is this banku and okra soup? or mmm...nourishment. I think when i shit; geez, can't believe i held it in this long? & how am i going to fix that Protools mix? I think thoughts so much i start to think I'm thought. Amusing thoughts, confusing thoughts, black thoughts, brown thoughts, Twi thoughts, English thoughts, and what was that drunk-cat-in-the-bus-thinking thoughts.

Maybe I'm a thought process... cause of the way i process thought. For instance i want to backhand slap the fella who came up with “a penny for your thoughts.” i think he lied. Cause my piggy bank would be bigger than Alaska by now, and my banks accounts fatter than the one black dude that won American idol. Foul thought you say...

I think thinking is my right. I swear I'd gladly picket for the right to think. Even though my primary school teachers mostly subscribed it to my genetics. “It's in his nature” they must have said. “Look at his family tree.” Shake it gently and an avalanche of thought-leaves will follow. So much for nurture right?

Regrets? one of the few kind of thoughts i despise. So when you ask me “what were you thinking?” my Scorpio resentment creeps in on the ASAP tip. I think you're deepening a wound that needs nursing. It's hemorrhaging can't you see? Think twice they tell me, and all i can think is that Donald Byrd song. Chale, e hard oh. Pidgin thoughts.

My thoughts are gonna take me places. “I let my mind travel, on occasion my body tags along.” Those kind of thoughts i put in song. Songs i conceive in places of pain, and sometimes dreams, and deliver in syncopated rhyme schemes, seen? The beautyful ones are not yet born. Beautiful thoughts that is. So let me keep impregnating these emotions and translating them thru this, what chu mo call it,....gift. I'm in love with this gift of thought. it's a gift with an infinite source, yes I'll keep giving. You might not like it sometimes. That's cool; It's the thought that counts

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Esta said...

I'll picket with you for the right to think :)... Also, you transcribe and share (some of) your many thoughts in a lyricist's way on some great beats and perfect flo ish so I am not mad at it keep thinking writing sharing flowing ;)